Does it make sense to buy a penis stretcher?

In the hunt for devices that can enlarge the penis in a safe and effective way, the technology behind penis stretcher has evolved in the last 10 years. How effective and safe are penis stretchers these days? Read below to find the answer.

Penis Stretcher Devices Explained

sizegenetics penis stretcher resultsThe Penis stretcher is a device that is worn on the penis during its flaccid state. The device works its magic by exerting a constant stretching force to the penis, thus causing the cells to split and grow gradually. The basic concept of penis stretchers is similar to how bodybuilders gain strength and muscles through regular exercises.

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The device is small and lightweight enough to be worn comfortably underneath clothing and loose pants. You don’t have to sacrifice your daily activities while wearing it, because you will hardly notice it after a while. For optimal results, wear the penis extender device for 6-8 hours every day. You can set the level of tension that’s most comfortable for you.

Why Penis Stretchers are the Best Enlargement Device

penis stretcher results after 26 weeksAlong your perilous hunt for a safe and effective device to enlarge your penis, you might have come across cheaper devices that might not be safe to use. Unlike such cheap penis extender devices, most of the penis stretchers have been medically tested to ensure optimal enlargement results.  They also carried type 1 certification, or known as European CE Mark, which is the seal of approval by the European Union. This means the devices use only high quality materials.

Most male adults reported a gain of almost 30% in size after regular usage of the device, which is around 6-8 hours of daily usage. You don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable when wearing the device, as it has a very comfortable strap and padding. This way, the circulation won’t be constricted and you can use it as recommended.

If you are still unsure about how such a device exactly will achieve the size increase of your penis, rest assured that this is a very safe technique that is known for decades by body builders or athletes, as the concept behind the method is similar. By applying a constant stretching force to the penis that the device is designed to do, you won’t have to worry as well about doing it incorrectly. It will work just as effective as long as you follow the simple procedure. If you want a safe and effective device that will permanently enlarge your penis, there’s no better investment than the penis stretcher.

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By Frank Jason