How do I select the best and most effective penis stretcher


Penis Enlargement Step by Step

what-penis-stretcher-to-pickIf you are not entirely familiar with the concept ofpenis stretching device, these are information and tips that can help you find the right one. These tips will also ensure that the device that you are getting will be effective and safe to use.

Tips for choosing the right penis stretching device

Before you decide on a penis stretcher, make sure you take into consideration the following:

  • Choose a penis enlargement device only that has spring-loaded tension screws, which will allow for a better level of traction. You can readjust the level of traction on the device after a while, along with the improvement in size that your penis experience. That’s why it’s better to have a device with available lengthening rods, so that you can incrementally increase the tension.
  • It is recommended to choose a penis stretcher that has a comfortable strap design. This will avoid you from any experiencing any excess discomfort while wearing the device. A comfort strap also allows you to wear the device longer without causing any obstruction to the blood flow to the penis. This will subsequently help you gain bigger penis size sooner.

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How to use the penis stretching device correctly

Upon using the penis stretcher for the first time, you have to let your penis gradually adapt to the device. This can be achieved by incrementally increasing the duration of usage. Only then you can improve the optimally size of your penis in a safe manner. It’s also important not to overdo the penis stretching just to artificially speed up the process. Not only will it result in pain, but you may also damage your penis tissue.

If you are experiencing pain, it is best to take a break for a day or two before using it again.When you are using the penis stretcher device regularly, it is also important to take breaks. The ideal time is to take a 5-10 minutes break after every two hours of usage. Here’s what you should do during the break. You should gently massage the penis as a way to improve the blood circulation inside it.

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