How To Cure Bent Penis Or Peyronies Disease

peyronies treatment with penis stretcher

Effective And Safe Peyronies Disease Treatment

peyronies treatment with penis stretcherOne of the most common disorders suffer by men is the bent of the penis – known also as the Peyronie’s disease. This condition is apparently by thousands of men around the world. The peyronie’s disease is a condition where there is a bend in the penis during erection. This bent of the penis is caused by hardened tissue around the erectile tissue.

According to statistic, the bent of the penis or the Peyronie’s Disease is suffered by an estimate of 3% from the whole male population in the world. It affects mostly those who are at the age of 45 to 60. However, this condition can happen to men as young as 17 years old.

What Are The Main Symptoms?

Some of the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease usually involve a bend or arc during an erection. Those that suffer from this disease will have painful erections, a visible narrowing of the penis width when aroused, and a thick band of calcified tissue inside the penis. Though not entirely known, the disease if caused by the formation of hard plaque of tissue on one end of the penis.

Some men that have a bent penis don’t require any medical treatment at all, because it is possible that the condition heals by itself — though it will take many years. However, most men that suffer form Peyronie’s Disease do require treatment.

Vitamines For Peyronies Disease Treatment

To treat the bent of the penis disease, there are drugs available such as Vitamin B complex and Vitamin E that can help the straightening process. Other methods are using a radiation therapy and calcium channel blocker injections. The most popular peyronies disease treatment is by undergoing a penile surgery. This procedure, however effective, is very painful and can be very expensive.

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If you notice a slight bend in your penis when you are aroused, you should take action before it gets even worse. Remember, the condition is progressive and can eventually lead to male impotency or the inability to conduct in a sexual intercourse.

To ensure that your condition doesn’t get worse, you can do some simple penis exercises. These natural exercises, apart from straightening your bent penis, can also be beneficial in increasing the size of your penis – both width and lengths – and improving your sexual performance. These simple exercises can be done in the comfort of your own room and won’t take more than 7 minutes of your time per day.

Penis Stretchers As The Most Common Method

Another option is to use a penis extender device. The device, although more commonly used by men who want to increase the size of their penis, will help greatly in straightening bent penises.

Again, if you are indeed suffering from Peyronie’s Disease, it’s better to take corrective actions as soon as possible. Failing to do so can result in impotency and the inability to have a sexual intercourse. Try to go for something natural, such as doing the penis exercises and using the penis extender device.


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