Penis Enlargement Surgery – Methods and Side Effects

penis enlargement surgery or penis stretcher

Surgery or Penis Extender Device?

If you are not happy with the size of your bedroom soldier, then surgery is one method that you can try pursuing. With surgery, you can expect a visible enlargement of the penis by at least 1 inch; the changes will also be a permanent one.

How does a penis enlargement surgery work?

penis enlargement surgery or penis stretcherThe wonder of surgery can be achieved through cutting the ligaments, which keeps the penis firmly in its regular position, so that the penis will move down. Additional devices are then required to maintain the size increase, such as the widening and weight. Preparing to go under the knife to increase the size of your penis means there will some side effects. Expect to have some scar tissues left behind by the procedure; as well as hair on the base of the penis.

Another possible method to increase the size of the penis is by a dermal implantation. If you seek to increase the width and length of the penis, know that it can be augmented using other fat cells from your body parts. The overall visual result might not be as aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, because the penis dimension head can’t be increased. Also, grafted cells might not produce even results that are even on the penis. Hence, many urologists tend not to recommend this type of surgery to people, unless it is medically driven.

Disadvantages of a cosmetic operation

Like any other cosmetic surgery, you will have to cough up a lot of money to perform the penis enlargement surgery. Expect to shell out at least $4000 and up to $17000 for a full operation. As in the case with any surgery, there will be psychosomatic and corporeal risks involved. So carefully weigh this option before you go ahead and do it.

Prepare also to face reality, when the result isn’t as good as what you hoped for. Though it’s rare, some penis enlargement surgery may lead to infections and damage to the nerves and tissues of the penis. If these side effects worry you, then maybe you should stop fantasizing about having a larger penis or better yet, use a safer method such as the penis extender or any other penis stretching device instead.

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