Penis Stretcher Devices Have Been Proven


Why Are People Still Reluctant to Use Them?

penis-stretcher-238x300There are numerous proofs that can attest to the effectiveness of penis enlargement devices, yet the devices are still met with scepticism.

This problem surfaced mainly due to some fake devices on the market. Though little in number, they have given people the wrong impression. These fake devices don’t have medical backings, like legit devices do. The fact that they are usually very cheap, seller gravitate more toward them – though in the end buyers who use them will be sorely disappointed with the lack of result. This helps worsen the perception of penis enlargement and it is considered to be a myth.

Of course, it couldn’t be more wrong. It is not a myth at all. The following devices, for instance, are known to be very effective had have received numerous recommendations and clinical trials.

SizeGenetics System

The SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher is made using medical type 1 materials and is one of the most popular penis traction devices on the market. It was one of the first to receive medical recognition as well. Backed by medical findings, the device has been clinically proven to increase the length of the penis by 30 percent, correct condition of penile curvatures, treat erectile dysfunction, and enhance sexual stamina.

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Due to its ability to produce great results, SizeGenetics has been features on high profile publications such as the GQ magazine and Channel 4’s Extreme Male Beauty.

Featured in GQ Magazine

gq sizegeneticsAfter a host of successful clinical trials, for its May 2008 issue, GQ magazine featured the SizeGenetics Penis Stretching Device extensively. No financial contribution was given by SizeGenetics.

James Mullinger, feature writer of GQ magazine, decided to give the device a spin. Though he did not use the device for the recommended duration, he still experienced a half an inch increase in his penis length. He even had to stop the trial because it was getting too big. He said that he was concerned about how the device had made his penis grow bigger and bigger and how it would affect his female partner if it’s gotten too big.

You can read the full article here.

Channel 4’s Extreme Male Beauty

As part of their program, Channel 4 reporter decided to test several penis enlargement techniques on national television — to see if they really worked. After testing them for two weeks, Tim found out that the size of his penis increased by half an inch – judging by the before and after cast that he took of his penis.

You can check his story at Extreme Male Beauty.

Endorsement from the Medical Professions

medical-symbol-281x300Apart from the recognition given by various media outlets as an effective treatment to increase the size of the penis, the SizeGenetics System also have a great medical backing.

Since coming out in 1994, there have been many clinical trials to test the penis stretcher device and the results were overwhelmingly positive. The brand is now recommended by 13 doctors across the country as a safe and natural way to lengthening the penis.

One testimonial made by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D., Specialist in General and Plastic Surgery, revealed that patients who were treated with the device gained an average lengthening of the penis by 2.8cm – the range was between 1.5 – 5.0cm.


Penis enlargement is not a myth. SizeGenetics have proven that penis stretching is something attainable. You will only have to go their website to read thousands of testimonials from people whose lives have changed for the better – thanks to the device. You can even see before and after photo shots – to prove that it is not made up.

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