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penisstretcher informationIf you are trying out a penis stretcher device based on your doctor’s recommendation, it is only natural for you to have some before, after and during enhancement expectations. You may have doubts about the effectiveness of the device and wonder if you are in for a painful ride with no immediate results in sight.

Here’s one thing that you should know about a good penis stretcher. It is not supposed to cause any uncomfortable sensation; let alone pain. You may, however, feel some slight discomfort for the first few days. If somehow you experience some pain or swelling, it is best to stop using the penis stretcher device.

Research Before Purchase

This is the difference between a high quality penis stretcher and one that may cost less, but ultimately can be considered a cheap imitation. To know if you are getting a legit one, it should come with a padded base and a comfort strap, as well as telescoping rods that can easily lock into position. The whole package ensures that you will get a comfortable experience while wearing the device. Remember, for a penis stretcher device to be really effective, you will have to wear it for 6 to 8 hours every day. Having one that is comfortable to use will definitely make it bearable for you. If yours isn’t, it’s better to start investing in other device straight away.

You might be interested to get a lower priced penis stretcher, but in this case, lower price really does mean lower quality. A good one isn’t that expensive at all, as it will only set you back around $300. But by getting the higher quality one, you can be definitely sure that the penis stretching device will work. If somehow you are not satisfied with the result, there’s also a money back guarantee.

The first results in 2-3 months

You can usually see results within the first 2 to 3 months of using the device. So some patience is required when using a penis stretcher. If you are patient, you can improve the size of your penis by at least 1 inch. But there are many cases where guys were able to improve the size of their penis by 2 inches in length. You don’t have to worry about losing the size once you stop using the device, because the gains will be permanent.

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