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performer5 review

Do You Want To Ejaculate Like A PornStar?

performer5 reviewIf you have always dreamt about doing it like a porn star; you first have to have the big tools that those stars have, which will increase your ejaculation even more. Increasing your ejaculation and making it more intense won’t just bring visual benefits that could awe your partner in bed, but the more semen you ejaculate, the longer your orgasm would be.

Satisfy Your Lady With Much More Cum

The logic behind this is simple: if you are shooting more semen out from your love tool, the longer the time it would take. Given the opportunity, having longer orgasms surely is something that everyone would like to achieve.

You will be able to pleasure your partner in bed even more, while she would definitely love the new, bigger, and harder sensation from your stronger ejaculations. But how exactly can you do this?

How You Can Increase Your Ejaculation Size

performer5_vit5There are several ways that you can use to increase your ejaculations. You want to make sure you drink enough water and protein in your diet. As part of your diet as well, you can start off your day by mixing a couple of raw eggs with milk – then drink it. It might not taste good, but it will give you that extra oomph you need in bed.

You should also do regular exercises – specifically what is known as kegel exercises. In kegel exercises, you have to tense and relax your pubic muscle, as it is the muscle that controls the flow of your urine and one that contracts during orgasms. If you can strengthen the muscle by training regularly, you will have more intense and stronger orgasms. Try to do the kegel exercise at least a hundred times every day.

Understandably, the methods above will take quite a while of your time and effort before you can see results. Some guys may start taking shortcuts by taking supplements to increase their ejaculations. A popular brand that does enhance your ejaculation safely and effectively is the Performer5.

Just Natural Ingredients

performer5-300x265Performer5 is not only effective, but since it’s made from natural ingredients, it is very safe to consume. You don’t have to worry about burdening your liver because the product doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals.

What exactly makes Performer5 great? It contains 125mg of 70 percent ellagic – derived from Pomegranates. The Pomegranates are known as a superfood, as it protects you against heart disease while improves your sexual health at the same time. A leading publication in the UK, The Sun, has even called it nature’s Viagra.

When you purchase Performer5, you will also get a free Vit5. The Vit5 is specifically produced to work with Performer5 in raising your body’s baseline of healthy and essential nutrients. The combination of these two will make you reach your improved ejaculation goal faster and more effective.

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