The Top 5 Penis Stretchers

x4 labs penis stretcher

What Are The Best Penis Stretchers?

Choosing the best penis stretcher from literally a sea of options available in the market today can be rather hard – especially if you’re new to the concept of using the device to help improve your penis size and still need more persuasion. To help you make that decision better, we have rounded up the top 5 penis stretchers that we believe offer the best bang for the bucks. Without further ado, here’s our top recommendation for penis extenders.

1. The X4 Extender

x4 labs penis stretcherDeveloped and manufactured by X4 Labs – this is one company that has become synonymous with effective penis stretcher devices. It is then not out of the ordinary that most men would recommend the use of this device, as it is not only one of the most comfortable devices to use – but it also offers one of the highest levels of success. Apart from the advantages mentioned, the company also provides one of the best return policies. Simply send a note to the company and you’ll get your refund. There’s no need to take a before and after picture. If that’s not enough to entice you to get the device, X4 is also shipped with a free workout DVD and a sample of penis enhancement pills. The suggested price for the total package is around US$400.

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2. Sizegenetics

sizegenetics penis stretcher systemSizegenetics is one of the more popular tools that help improve the penis size of its users. People have commended the sizegenetics system company not only for the effectiveness of the product, but also for its excellent customer service. Striving to provide the best to the customer, the company continually improves the design of their stretcher so that it will give maximum results. The use of bands on the product also enhances its comfort level. The product is priced around US$350.

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3. Euro Extender

euroextender reviewAnother popular and recommended penis extender brand is the Euro. The product comes with three levels, but the gold and silver are known to produce the best results. Do note that the return policy of Euro is a bit more stringent compared to others. You can purchase the product for about US$250.

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4. JesExtender

If you are put off by the prices of other brands, then the Jes extender is the right antidote. As one of the more affordable solutions, Jes can be had for about $100. One notable drawback is that it’s the least comfortable penis extender to use for a long period of time.

5. ProExtender

Despite its affordable price, the ProExtender is also comfortable to use. Its $100 price really isn’t a fair representation of the product’s effective functionalities you can read more about that extender here.

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