Using SizeGenetics To Treat Peyronie’s Disease

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Penis Stretchers To Treat Peyronies Disease

peyronies disease sizegeneticsThe Peyronie’s Disease is not really a life threatening disease, but it will however reduce the size of the penis. The disease, if untreated, can also lead to an erectile dysfunction. Both effects are certainly not something that normal man would like to happen to them.

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

The Peyronie’s Disease, or the bent of the penis, is common among Caucasians and it affects about 10% males. This disorder is caused by the growth of hard tissues or plaques in the soft penile tissues. If the disease is left untreated for too long, it can lead to an erectile dysfunction and will render the person unable to perform a sexual intercourse – as it will be too painful to maintain the erection.

This disease can sometimes heal by itself within a couple of years, but that’s just for some of the lucky ones. To those who are unlucky, the disease can get worse and cause even more pain during erection. In the early phase of the disease, pain is usually experienced in the penis. This, however, vanishes after a couple of year. According to some research, men who suffer from this disease usually also suffer from a connective tissue disorder in the hands or feet – this shows that the Peyronie’s Disease might come from excessive masturbation and the use of penis pumps.

The injury might not be too obvious and is subtle, so it is not experienced by the patient straight away. Using beta blockers or anti-hypertensive drugs can worsen the condition. More of than not, surgery is the last option and only a highly skilled neurologist can perform the corrective surgery.

Get 100% Success Using The SizeGenetics Extender

If you don’t want to go the surgery route to peyronies disease treatment, you can use SizeGenetics instead. The extender has a 100% success rate for correcting bent penis. Using a non-invasive technique, the penile curvature can be reduced by between 10 – 45% within the first 2 or 3 months of usage – as research done by Medway Research Institute shown. This research is ran by a Chicago physician by the name of Laurence Levine.

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The SizeGenetics System works by applying a gentle stretch on your penis and soften the scar tissue. This should be done repeatedly and periodic stretching is encouraged. During the stretching of the penis, it will gradually break up the built up scarring in the penis and the bent will be corrected within good time.

Many urologists recommended SizeGenetics device to be used as a corrective device for bent penises because it is a non-invasive device, it has no adverse effects that drugs usually have, and it is definitely more safe and cheaper than performing surgery. According to them, results can be achieved within three weeks of usage.

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